Balloon Hi Demo

The Balloon Hi Demo is out and ready to play! 
Balloon Hi is a 3D casual arcade physics game.
where you use the wind to guide your flight to the landing zone.
unlocking levels and maps and upgrading your balloon.
in a chillaxing (until you crash) little balloon piloting game.
(its a bit like if crazy golf / flappy bird / pilotwings had a baby)

with art, design, code and music by me Robin ....who you wont know.. but youve maybe played games ive worked on. 
Ive previously worked on  stuff like Sonic all star racing , AVP and Hitman.
they all had massive marketing budgets.. and its a different kettle of fish putting out something on your own. 

I hope youll take  a short time to play the demo ive lovingly crafted over the last 3 months and thanks for your time. 


Balloon Hi 131 MB
Nov 09, 2020

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