A downloadable game for Windows

Balloon Hi is a short 3D casual arcade physics game
 inspired by pilot wings and crazy golf. 
This is the Alpha demo with 7 levels from the first map of five.

'Guide your balloon from take off to the landing zone,
playing over beautiful world maps with challenging levels,
in a relaxing... but occasionally frantic hot air balloon game.

I hope you will download and enjoy this peek at a short game.  
The levels are short and the whole demo can be enjoyed in 10 - 15 minutes. 

Release coming in 2021 to PC / MAC / Android / IOS.'

I'm still balancing and working on the game so its still WIP. 
but I've had fun making it and the music so far. 
I hope to finish the full 5 maps and 40-50 levels  in 3-4  months. 

Any constructive criticism or feedback is very welcome.
Thank you for taking the time to read this and hopefully play the demo. 

Install instructions

Version 0.9.  PC 64 bit only ATM, Keyboard and mouse, PS4 controller.

Download and unzip, double click the demo exe. 
if required ensure you have PS4 controller USB attached before running exe.

Press P or Triangle on PS4 controller anytime to see a control list.


Balloon Hi Demo 166 MB

Development log


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Hi there, you submitted your game for a play through on my channel. Here's the video.